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Famous Last Words


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Famous Last Words

famous last words 1Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanent high plateau.


All these analysts can't be wrong.


I'd be perfectly happy to hold these securities even if the market shut down for 10 years.


The Dow Jones is rock solid.


A bank is a place where they really help you.


Let's hope things are better tomorrowfamous last words 2


Things can't get worse?


I'm convinced we have reached the bottom.


Run with the herd.


Never run with the herd.


It's probably just a minor correction.


The odds of that happening are a million to one.


Well, so far this valuation method always worked.


No need to panic...


Let's see how this new management theory works in practice.


Something must be wrong with this Bloomberg screen?


famous last words 3What goes down, must go up sometime.


It's only money...



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